The New York Times

“This is a first-class performers on string instruments, playing of which has been brought to perfection by maestro Vladimir Spivakov. The performed program demonstrated the character of the Russian violin style: sonorous resounding play on the most high and refined level. What Spivakov managed to achieve with the help of this ensemble is worthy of respect and “Moscow Virtuosi” shall be  undoubtedly welcomed wherever they go on tour”.

Chicago Sun-Times

“The concert was outstandingly good. “Moscow Virtuosi” is an orchestra that performs any kind of music full-heartedly. You can feel it in all musical compositions they play and especially earnestly it sounded during the performance of the serenade for string orchestra by Chaikovsky, which could be characterized by only one word – marvelous”.

Chicago Tribune

“This is a splendid orchestra of string instruments. Its interpretation of Bach, Chaikovsky and Shostacovich had a full, sensitive interaction and a thoroughly leveled combination of parts, which can be achieved only in small groups of musicians, that perform together for a long period of time”.

Los Angeles Times.

“Like Swiss watch, this outstanding music ensemble  is an example of accuracy and  daintiness. Each musician is a part of  a single whole”.

New York Post

“A marvelous ensemble of soloists, who understand each other with one glance and play like one”.

Seattle Post-Intelligent

“The orchestra shone in the magnificence  of its sound, simultaneously deep and warm”.

St. Paul Star Tribune

“A truly masterly orchestra. It is impossible to  deny the definite beauty and vivacity of the way the orchestra played, as well as its extraordinary of ensemble play. In respond to continuous ovation of the audience, Spivakov led the orchestra five times an encore”.

San Diego Union

“ It is an unquestionably masterly orchestra. “Moscow Virtuosi” possess an irreproachable musical style, which is reflected in the quality of the joint sound, extraordinary peculiar sense of sound level, distinct “attacks” and “retreats”, dainty balance of parts and concise rhythmical coordination”.

Washington Times

“The audience, that attended the concert in the Kennedy center rose, applauding continuously after the second composition performed by Moscow Virtuosi, charmed  by their  inspiration, accuracy of playing, and also by the full, deep sound. The audience refused to leave the hall until “Moscow Virtuosi” played an encore 5 times, each time demonstrating their wide stylistic range and their energy that seemed inexhaustible”.

Washington Journal.

“These musicians are pure virtuosos in the most respective sense, they devote themselves fully to the music they play. There performance stands in the row of the best ones ever heard by the audience of Washington”.

San Diego Reader

“The sound of these string instruments is something truly phenomenal: tender, smooth and absolutely unique and different from what I heard before. Irreproachable intonation and a kind of discipline inside the orchestra make twenty musical instruments sound as one. Such unique sound is an evidence  of the fact that the ensemble belongs to the few best chamber orchestras of the world”.

Richmond News Leader

“Soviet Musicians have permeated into  the heart of the masterpiece of the twentieth century by Shostakovich. It was amazing to notice how each group of string instruments worked in tandem. It was more perfect that an abstemious mechanism.  Musicians would play they whole composition both with feeling and skill.”

The Berkshire Eagle (Tanglwood)

“Spivakov performed the most Russian string concert, exerting himself. It sometimes seemed that his violin was going to take fire in his hands:  his manner was so ardent! Dazzling passages of Chaikovsky reminded child’s play, when the violinist mastered them at ease, despite that, his sound stayed respectful and wonderfully concentrated”.

The New York Post

“The violinist Vladimir Spivakov, the conductor of the “Moscow Virtuosi” orchestra has chosen the program, that emphasized the ethnical apprehensibility of the orchestra more that his own virtuosity. Having made this choice he didn’t only demonstrate his talent of a great conductor, but also a sublime sense of artistic priorities”.



“They are just splendid! Their sound is extraordinary pleasant and is remarkable for outstanding smoothness, their phrases are unbelievably pure and their intonation is  very accurate”.

La Nazione

“When you listen to “Moscow Virtuosi”, the strong impression you get is produced by the performance of the members of this remarkable orchestra and by the way they develop and interpret every musical phrase. This distinguishes this ensemble from the grave sounding of our national orchestras”.

Il Tempo.

“Comical  Shostakovich, discreet Bartock, agile Corelli, amazingly vigorous Vivaldi – as a flash of  a light, sprinkling us with sounds as if the sounds were jewels”.

Il Corrierre della Sera.

“The outstanding violinist possesses absolute gift of musical talent, the beauty of the sound of his violin combines both exemplary purity of phrasing and unsurpassed intensity of feeling”.

Austria and Germany.

Wiener Zeitung.

“A marvelous ensemble, that possesses both accuracy of intonation and phrasing, fervent temper and amazingly good skill of performance”.


“Disciplined, dirigible might of the orchestra makes it perfect for an open festival”.

Kartner Krone

“Daintiness, intensity and utmost accuracy”.

Karthner Tagezeitnung.

“Extremely coordinated, perfect sound of the orchestra, devoided  of drawbacks”.


“Brilliant sound of violins, fascinating sound of cellos”.

Kleine Zeitung

“Masterly performance combined with an extreme accuracy and obsession”.